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Spring is here! And so is Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with Target!

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I have admired Victoria Beckham’s style (see this post, and this one )for a while now and this collaboration with Target has me extremely excited that there is a possibility (refresh button be damned) that I could actually own one of her designs! GAHHH!!

I messaged my sister over the weekend to remind her that all hands need to be on deck for this event just incase I miss my chance and it sells out in 2 minutes. This online shopping life is not for the slippery fingered.

I just want to point out that VB and I go together because last Dec I bought a pair of (lady)bug earrings and this collection is filled with charming bug embellishments. So if luck is not on my side I can easily claim I was gifted these, no? Shhh! I won’t tell if you won’t tell 😉

But let’s go into the collection. First thoughts: It’s typical VB style. Simple and Sophisticated. I am loving the bright colours and pretty florals. What says Spring more? But what I’m most excited about is it includes an adorable kids line! My kid and I will be all about that Blu and Bey twinning life!

Another plus (no pun intended) is that she included plus sizes. So I think she’s covered all her bases-unless I missed something. Oh! Price points!! Everything is under $50! What.A.Steal.

APRIL 9 people!

Have a look and let me know what you think. Here are some items I have my eye on.


*this one is my fav!




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