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Pajama party time!!

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Can you believe it’s March already!? This was the BEST February I’ve had since I moved to Canada sixteen years ago (yikes!) because unlike the past years I was able to spend my Birthday outdoors! Yay me!

But I’m gearing up to hibernate for March because a) I have work to catch up on and b)Underground returns!! And to do that, I need me a good comfy pair of pajamas!

My love for pajamas has been solidified by Tracee Ellis Ross’ character on Blackish Rainbow Johnson and Mindy Kaling’s character Mindy Lahiri, on The Mindy Project. As I scrolled through their images on google, it made me want to start a furious search for a duplicate of these amazing printed pjs!  Have a look for yourselves.



This article is from 2015, but if it’s true, Salvatore Perez better not be playing with me!

I’ve been scouring the stores for a few weeks and found a set in a little corner in JCrew! JCrew’s been taking a lot of my money lately and I need them to hire me as a part time model because I can deliver. Heyy Jenna Lyons girl! 😉

I found a few others for y’all. Let’s hibernate together till Spring comes m’kay? I have posted the trailer for Underground for those of you still asking what that is.

JCrew (Vintage PJ set) It’s a little, ok, a lot pricy, but if it’s your birthday go ahead! Spoil yourself! 


La Vie en Rose Flannel PJ Set $12.99! Steal!

La Vie en Rose Flannel PJ Set Another steal for $12.99! C’mon!

La Vie en Rose Cotton PJ Set $14.99

Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer

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