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The Best of Paris Fashion Week 2015

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Last one!! Did Paris Fashion Week save the best for last? I’m just gonna say a resounding YES!!! Soo many amazing collections and these designers showed up and showed out!!

The highlight: seeing this lady above (aka my sister), just stand out like the QUEEN she is. This is what you call #alessoninhowtoslaylikeJanelleMonae. I should do a post on this lol.

The lowlight: Valentino. Tsk, tsk…smdh…instead of staying in their lane Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccolio decided to venture (according to reviewers on Vogue UK online) into the “wild plains of Africa” complete with conrows. And (wild) animals. And I hear drum beats were the soundtrack. And 6, maybe 7 black models for a collection of 88 garments. So wild y’all. You should see some of the ridiculous stuff that’s written, you’d swear it was satire. Like this one. Valentino, next time…do better or rather just don’t do anything.


I’m always so stoked to see what my man Alber Elbaz has under his sleeve.

lan1 lan2 lan3 lan4 lan5 lan6 lan7 lan8 lan9 lan10 lan11 lan12 lan13

Isabel Marant

Izzie’s collections always get me excited. She stays authentic and true to her style and I ain’t mad at her one bit.

im1 im2 im3 im4 im5 im6 im7 im8 im9 im10

Dries Van Noten

If Dries’ aim was to get my attention he definitely has it. Carry on Dries.

dvn1 dvn2 dvn3 dvn4 dvn5 dvn6 dvn7 dvn8 dvn9 dvn10 dvn11 dvn12


This was the final show of Alexander Wang’s run at the fashion house and he did it well. Well done Alex! Now where’s Rih to show us how to slay in these alphets. Oh hey Zoe (Kravitz)! 😉

bc1 bc2 bc3 bc4 bc5 bc6


I’m a real stan of Olivier’s not only because he probably puts out the most Black models during his shows but also because he takes risks and does what no one else is doing. I’m gonna say it again, I really, really want Taraji P Henson’s character Cookie Lyon to wear one of his alphets.

balm1 balm2 balm3 balm4 balm5 balm6 balm7 balm8 balm9 balm10

Elie Saab

I don’t think there’s ever been a Saab collection I didn’t like. Look how many pieces I tagged. The love is real.

esa1 esa2 esa3 esa4 esa5 esa6 esa7 esa8 esa9 esa10 esa11 esa12 esa13

Alexander McQueen

Oh Sarah, Lee is surely smiling down on you girl.

aq1 aq2 aq3 aq4 aq5 aq6 aq7 aq8 aq9 aq10


Giambattista Valli

I honestly can’t say no to Giambattista Valli and I honestly don’t want to.

 gb1 gb2 gb3 gb4 gb5 gb6 gb7 gb8 gb9 gb10 gb11

 Sonia Rykiel

According to Vogue UK, Sonia was appealing to the “writers, thinkers and artists of the creative night”. *raises hand*

sonia1 sonia2 sonia3 sonia4 sonia5 sonia6

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