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The best from Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016

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Firstly, I just wanna give a HUGE shout out to Milan Fashion Week for giving a Black models work and letting these girls shine! It really warmed my heart to see sistahs slaying the runways complete with ‘fro’s! Yeah, you read right, Afros be ok on these here runways of Milan.

Now back to playing favourites: I really only anticipate Milan Fashion Week for one designer: my girl Stella (Jean).


sjean1 sjean2 sjean3 sjean4 sjean5 sjean6 sjean8 sjean9


Check this sistah out slaying at the Gucci show! I’m nit-picky about who I like at Milan Fashion Week but dayumm Gucci done brought their A game!

gucci1 gucci2 gucci3 gucci4 gucci5 gucci6 gucci7

Alberta Ferretti

I’d be a complete nuisance at this show screaming YASSSS as these girls come down the runway. Thank you sir.

alb1 alb2 alb3 alb4 alb5 alb6 alb7 alb8 alb9 alb11 alb12


Salvatore Ferragamo

Yes Sal! I see you boo!

salv1 salv2 salv3 salv4 salv5 salv6 salv7 salv8 salv9 salv10 salv11 salv12 salv13

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