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Leomie Anderson is one cool chick

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Leomie Anderson is the type of model you’d like to be friends with.  She gives great style tips which she is kind enough to share on her awesome blog Cracked China Cup and has a great sense of self.  She’s feisty with a hint of sarcasm and humour blended in and there’s nothing better than a chick with style and confidence.

The 21 year old who never considered modelling up until she was scouted at the age of 14, admitted in an interview with The Guardian that she wasn’t very girly.  But that didn’t deter Premier from signing her on the spot! Talk about luck and knowing a gem when you see one.

Leomie’s been super busy this past season.  I just spotted her in two of my favourite shows walking for Balmain and Oscar de la Renta.  Recently, I’ve also seen her on the Old Navy website.

Leomie recognizes the lack of diversity and points out the importance of knowing that models of colour do have different needs than that of their white counterparts (The Guardian).  She admits to bringing her own hair products to shoots! Girlfriend gets a HI FIVE for that! You gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Leomie is optimistic that things will change and credits the industry for its recent consciousness on diversity and hopes that there will be consistency.

Her aspirations go beyond modelling and she hopes to be a fashion journalist or a Magazine editor.

With her beauty and smarts, there’s no doubt that Leomie is sure to find success whereever she lands. Bravo Leomie!

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