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Introducing: Kayla Clarke

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I knew Kayla Clarke’s face looked familiar when I saw of her on a recent cover of Elle Magazine

She was one of the lucky ones to do what most new models wait years to do.  Close a show.  Specifically the final show of Marc Jacob’s career at Louis Vuitton.

Discovered whilst shopping in Zellers (now bought over by supergiant Target), the 19 year old Canadian beauty landed some impressive shows during the Spring/Summer 2014 season walking for Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Giles.  Talk about luck!

Like most models her age, Kayla enjoys the fashion cities of London and New York and has since stepped up her fashion game as a result.  She cites New York street style as her favourite and has picked up the trend of layering a chunky knit over a collared shirt from Paris.

If Ms Clarke didn’t already have my attention she certainly has it now with her baking skills coz Lord knows I LOVE ME SOME CAKE!  Check out her cute blog here.  This could be a really lucrative side hustle Kayla 😉

Her bushy but well tamed eyebrows, striking beauty and quiet confidence radiate and I have no doubt it is the reason she’s doing so well.  She reminds me of (what I’d like to call) her sister-cousin Jeneil Williams, one of my favourite models.  I see Kayla heading in that direction and doing just as great as Jeneil is.

Comparisons aside, she has certainly made her mark and representing The North very well. Bravo Kayla!

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