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Looking Back: 10 items I’d actually, seriously, recommend to a First Time Mom.

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There seems to be something in the air because wherever I turn, someone is pregnant. The last time this happened, I found out I was too! *GASP!*

NOT! Muhahahahahahahaha

A few friends are having babies for the first time and one of them asked what some of the things she absolutely needs and it got me thinking…

What did I really appreciate that I had never realized was actually helpful?

First time moms, I gotchu!

  1. Nursing pads and Nipple cream. I keeps it real. Listen, a good friend put me onto the nipple cream. When I tell you this thing saved my 15 months of breastfeeding I’m not kidding. Apply generously before and after feedings. Your nipples will thank you. And so will your shirts because they won’t have milk leaking all over them. Get you some nursing pads! wetshirt Not cute right?
  2. Car seat. This is great a. If you drive, b. before your kid is 6 months because you’ll be able to lug them around and can use it to start working on those Michelle Obama arms. BUT post 6 months you’ll want to throw in the towel because your kid will c. hate getting into it d. they’ll be too heavy. My kid was on the small side. We milked that car seat all the way to age 1. Also, if you can get a hand me down, take it! Don’t be all ‘we want everything to be brand spanking new for our new baby’. You gon’ need that money for DIAPERS. Because, reason e. carseat
  3. Crib. Yes, its a lot of money, yes you’re going to end up sleeping with your baby anyway, but yes, still get one because after the millions of excuses, posts on co-sleeping and fights with your spouse, at some point, your kid is going to sleep in it for a period of time. Even if its just the first two years. Don’t judge me. And! Do NOT buy all that fancy stuff you see on baby sites and in commercials. Just a simple crib sheet is fine. Yes, I know you want it to look beautiful, I know, I know. Still no.  In the meantime, see my life.reasons
  4. Stroller. I think over the years I’ve really grown to appreciate how helpful a stroller can be. My hubs spent months looking for the best one and he did me proud! Plus he added a few accessories (yes, strollers have that too, bear with me here): a tray, cup-holder and pocket for you to stuff keys, phone, purse, water, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, hats, gloves, cheese, cookies, juice, grapes. Don’t raise your eyebrows at me, you gonna need all that shit! Ahem, but back to the stroller. I could maneuver this thing with one hand and still hold my baby with the other (she HATED it the first year -but let’s not to be all doom and gloom). Its best quality: it is not a nightmare on the bus a.k.a. an SUV of strollers. No sir, no ma’am. It will not take up the whole isle so keep your side-eyes to yourselves! rollin
  5. Nursing pillow. I’m very sentimental about my time breastfeeding. I’m not going to preach but it was one of my favourite things about having a baby even though it did have its downside-she was hooked to me 24/7 and I could not go anywhere for long periods of time because she needed to feed-ugh! BUT! It was beautiful and my nursing pillow helped to teach me how to position her and gave me extra confidence. I clearly remember on the first day home I was able to email my family and have her on the pillow whilst feeding. Hands free breastfeeding! It was an early win. Hey! We first time moms will take as many small wins as we can.
  6. Onesies with zippers! Let me tell you how you’re going to become an expert at changing diapers in the pitch black darkness and your saving grace is going to be a onesie with a zipper. If you’re like hey, I want variety, I want the ones with the buttons too! Go right ahead boo, but when you wake up groggy at 3.30am for a feed, you’ll see how great those buttons look when you’ve fastened them like they came out of the Gordon Gartrell baby collection. theo                                Zippers are your friend. In the light, but especially in the dark.
  7. Socks. Buy as many of them as you can! You will lose them in the washer, under the bed, in between the couch, in the car, behind your pillow, in the diaper bag. When you kid gets to be over 1 and starts to realize what legs are for, you’ll need the ones with grip. Stock up on these bad boys.
  8. Diaper Bag. Its a life saver when you realize you’re out of wipes, diapers and diaper cream because… Lesson #22 you keep it constantly stocked with said items and extra clothing for any accidents and impending trips. Its helpful if both you and your spouse have one so that you don’t have to keep restocking and biting each other’s heads off as to who didn’t replace what. Trust me, this can be a point of contention. His and Hers=Happy Family. To be honest, I think I’d go with a backpack if I had to do it again, it just seems more practical. Look at all the things it can do! diaperbag
  9. Change pad. If your diaper bag doesn’t come with a built in change pad, make sure you get your hands on one! You will need it for those trips to the mall and other unsanitary and uncomfortable places to change your baby on! I somehow found myself with two! Weeeeee! So I put one in my hubs’ diaper bag that way he didn’t have to use rolls of Bounty or paper towels from the washrooms. See how this His and Hers diaper bag thing comes in handy?
  10. Bibs. These are like socks, but worse. The amount of food that will spill on them (and your clothes) will irritate you to no end. The solution? Ease up on the cloth ones and get you some plastic ones. Listen, it’ll save you an extra ten items of things to launder. You’ll never be able to get those stains out, I don’t care what the Tide commercial says.

IMG_0757 (3)

These are my favourites and the last surviving ones. They’ve served us well. *sniff, sniff* 

Good Luck First Time Moms!! Whatever you choose to get I hope you find it useful!


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