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Solange, Tracee and Rihanna have solidified my love for sneakers

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My sneaker story:

I’ve never really been a sneaker head.

My first were a pair of black high top Ninja turtles. They were DOPE! Don’t jealous me.

When I graduated high school in 199… my aunt bought me a pair of blue and white FILAS. They were cute. I wore them to death and essentially out.

In university, I bought a pair of navy blue Sketchers (I forget what they called them back then, but they had a name).

Then I thought I was all ‘at and moved onto (see: throwing away money) Diesels.

Pumas moved in some time in the early millennium and the hubs and I decided to get a pair-not matching-of course!

After that, I decided it was time to ‘grow up’ and chucked sneakers out of my closet entirely.

I actually side eyed frowned at people who wore sneakers for any random occasion.

Up until last year, when my big sister in my head Tracee Ellis Ross posted this awesome Ode to Sneakers and even before that when my Queen, Solange, collaborated with Puma on her awesome collection. The latter is next level awesome, I can’t even type shit.

Then badgyal Riri dropped her Puma sneaker line that sold out in 35 minutes!

Be still my thirsty heart.


My return to sneakers started slow. I paced myself. When I was on mat leave three and a half years ago I bought a pair of New Balances(the ones you see above). I ADORE them.

A year later, I got a part time gig at a shoe store and slowly but surely I started to feel a pull towards sneakers. And with a 40% discount there weren’t a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t indulge 😉

So I bought a pair of Converse.

Then Keds. I am OBSESSED with them. You should see what state they’re in now:

(too embarrassed to show real image)


And it’s not just the regular Keds (not that there’s anything wrong with regular ones), but the Kate Spade brand of Keds that I’m particularly drawn to.

They’re so colourful, fun and unique!

Then my little collection grew.

Not sure why it took me so long to really appreciate sneakers…maybe I was asleep but I’m definitely awake now!


They are hella comfortable and can pretty much go with everything! Tracee was so right! 🙂



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