May 11, 2012

She looks like me.

She’s young and she’s old.

She’s short and she’s tall.

Her skin is soft, sometimes wrinkled, and sometimes not.


Her eyes are dark hazel like the smooth mocha chino that she likes to  drink,

And that I steal sips from.


I get that old feeling when it comes to communication

January 28, 2012

I text, I imessage, I BBM, I Facebook…


Are we becoming more and more disengaged and losing our personal touch and our voices, and replacing them with our fingers?


The sound of music

The sound of music

January 14, 2012

Anyone who knows me well knows that my I savour my childhood.  I also have quite an obsession with music.  I couldn’t sleep last night and I started to think about my history with music.


One of my favourite memories is watching the Muppet Show, particularly the one that had Elton John as a guest star.  I think I might have been five or six and it was my first introduction to music or at least, the ability to pay attention to it.  I know every song Elton sang from that episode and at the end of it all I was probably more in love with him than Miss Piggy was.  I’ve been a huge  fan since.  I could probably do a presentation on him. *Nerd Alert*

You’ve got mail!

You’ve got mail!

January 08, 2012

I always wanted an aol account just so I could hear those three little words!  Something about it made computers appear even more intriguing than they were during my first encounter twelve, fifteen years ago.



January 05, 2012

One way or another, it’s gonna find you, it’s gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha…or is it?

I read an article last month that garnered around 235 comments (I didn’t read all of them by the way), most of them arriving at a general consensus: a verbal annihilation of the writer, who confessed to a “karma fail” after her ex got married.  In short, the ex: +1 Writer: -235

My favourite reads of the year

My favourite reads of the year

December 13, 2011

I was never as much of an avid reader as I am now.  I remember always asking my mum the meanings of words and she always said if you want to improve your vocabulary, read.

The conflict between marriage and friendship

The conflict between marriage and friendship

December 08, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was web surfing and came upon an article on married vs. single friendship written by Demetira L Lucas.  In it she posed the question: Should women in relationships have single friends?

Abstinence ili che, but…

Abstinence ili che, but…

November 27, 2011

Last year I wrote an (rather tame) article for a Fashion/Christian magazine that coincided with the uproar surrounding the ‘Sex-Ed curriculum’ debate.  And since World AIDS day is just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to fish it out and perhaps be a little more honest than I was.