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Lessons and highlights from African Fashion Week Toronto

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Lesson #1: Get your alphet (outfit) right ūüėČ

I finally attended my first ever Africa Fashion week here in Toronto a couple of weekends ago.  There were quite a few lessons and some pretty dope highlights.

SPOILER ALERT! My girl Catherine’s brand Kaela Kay came to win, and win she did.


Kaela Kay

There was no other reason why I went to this show other than to support my girl Catherine. Since running into her a couple of years ago, I’ve become very fond of her and her brand (which I’ve blogged about here, here and here).¬† She is doing such great work with it and I’m happy to see she’s getting attention even from our neighbours¬†to the south.¬†When I say she came to¬†win, I’m not exaggerating. She won the Women’s Designer of the Year Award and deservedly so.¬† Catherine has mastered the print on print and I’m here for all of it!

kae1 kae2 kae3 kae4 kae5 kae6 kae7 kae8 kae9 kae10 kae11

kae12 kae13 kae14 kae17

 Grace Modi
I have a new girl crush and her name is Grace Modi. Girlfriend was WERKING it. I had to give her 2 snaps every time she came down the runway. She was serving face, body and giving every outfit LIFE.  Here she is strutting her stuff in one of my favourite pieces from Kaela Kay. *adds to Christmas list*

kae15 kae16

Black Trash

I’ve never heard of these designers but their stuff was pretty bad ass. I loved the infusion of zips into most of the outfits. There is a certain type of confidence and rebelliousness that these clothes exude and I say yes, yes, yes! Encore!


Bring a friend not only because it’s good company but because you can have them take pictures while you capture footage!Winning!


Clear your phone of unnecessary pics and videos! I ran out of space on my phone so I was not able to get much footage  and got none of the Black Trash and Palse shows. Boo!

Bring a charger! I forgot mine! Major fail! But luckily my girl had hers so we pulled through.

Bring a snack to eat during intermission! Lawdt, the show was long and even though I’d eaten prior I was so hungry I thought I’d pass out.


So bring something to tide you over till exit time.

Here the rest of the designers:

Achonu House (Toronto)

 afwt5 afwt6 afwt7 afwt8 afwt9 afwt10 afwt11 afwt12 afwt13 afwt14 afwt15 afwt16

Palse (South Africa)

 afwt17 afwt18 afwt19 afwt20 afwt21 afwt22 afwt23 afwt24 afwt25 afwt26 afwt27 afwt28 afwt29 afwt30

Vicky Muzadi (Angola)

 vick1 vick2 vick3 vick4 vick5 vick6 vick7 vick8 vick9 vick10 vick11 vick12 vick13 vick14 vick15 vick16 vick17 vick18 vick19 vick20 vick21 vick22 vick23 vick24

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