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Fashion beats weather.

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Fashion beats weather.

Winter’s here, and I can feel the enthusiasm for leaving my apartment dwindling, fast.  And coming with it are my boring, unattractive and dull clothes, right? Wrong!

Since last year I’ve re-thought my approach to winter. I still hate it, every menacing negative double-digit degree temperature of it.  But, I still have to walk through it, stand in it and embrace it for six months.  The thought of it makes gives me the chills.  Living in a cold country and looking like the dinner of a dog does not help my mood, hence, the change in winter attitude.

Now, I love fashion probably as much as the next girl.  I watch Fashion TV like it’s going out of style.  I have memorized designers and had a weird knack of remembering fashion lines.  Due to my crazy schedule, I was unable to treat myself to Toronto’s LG Fashion week to see my FAVOURITE Canadian designer, Sunny Fong. I wish I had Jeanne Beker’s job, attending runway shows, interviewing designers, getting trampled on by other paparazzi, ok maybe not the latter, but I digress.

“Fashion beats weather” was a saying that my childhood friends and I picked up (not sure where).   We’d always make fun of people who wore the most ridiculous outfits, at the most ridiculous time of the season.  I see it all the time.  The other day someone expressed their frustration on their Facebook status: “why are people still wearing slippers?”  I immediately thought of the saying.

I was on the bus last week and it had been raining pretty bad the whole day.  A young lady got on wearing a mini skirt and some brightly coloured high heels with embroidered flowers on them.  Granted, she was wearing tights and a decent jacket.  But she was soaked.  Was she moved?  Probably not.  Know why?  Because, fashion beats weather.

Even I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been wearing this saying quite proudly.  A couple of months ago I went to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) and Chris Potter (I like to name drop the meteorologists on CP24) had said there was a 40% chance of rain.   I figured, they said that yesterday and it didn’t rain, and I really, really, wanted to wear my shorts.  We’d been there a couple of hours and I was so proud of myself.  Just when I was about to exit the food centre and indulge in my dessert, down came the rain.  Was I ashamed? Nope! It only rained fifteen minutes mind you, and my husband and I had the good mind to get hell out of there before it came full throttle.

But back to my point on winter wear.  I’ve decided to replace my boring black tops for some colour to help push me out the door, fight those winter blues and also remind me that even though summer’s gone and the winter sun can be deceiving, it’s still ok to look a little fashionable during the winter.





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