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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s style was covered in Vogue UK and I’m here for all of it!!

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If you know me well, you’ll know that I have a healthy obsession with my writing idol, older sister from another ms and mister, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Ahem…this weekend my hubs mistook me for her when he saw her pic(ture) on the backcover of her book and suggested I do my hair like hers 🙂

But I digress.

Chimamanda bloody made it into VOGUE UK y’all!

When I initially started my blog, I was a tad insecure that people would think I was shallow because I love fashion. Until, I read this. Which I have since attached to the ‘About’ section of my blog. Thanks Chima!! 🙂

I have watched every interview she has done and read almost every article she’s written.  I have shared her TED Talk The Danger of a Single Story with probably every person I’ve ever met since I stumbled upon it (and I’m doing it here again, hehe).  And let me not forget about We Should All Be Feminists! Hallo!!!

I have also recommended ‘Half of A Yellow Sun’ to every person that asks for a new addition to their library.  My BFF attended one of her appearances and patiently waited in line and managed to get me an autographed copy of ‘Americanah’ that I’m now (finally) reading.

She/Her book was recently featured in an episode of the Simpsons!! HALLO??!! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!!!

In short, Chimamanda is a #BOSS.  I am in constant awe of her beauty, her confidence and her unapologetic right to speak her mind and do it with grace and eloquence.

Now onto the style.

I was ridiculously ecstatic when I found out that her unique style was being profiled by VOGUE UK everyday for a whole month!!!!! Do the exclamation marks give me away?

Chima has a simple but classy style that is well balanced and never out to overly impress.  Even if she throws on brands that you’ve never heard of (those handbags o), its not suffocating or pretentious.  And that hair!!?? My sister is wearing her natural and it looks damn GOOD.  She looks absolutely beautiful.

I’m just dying over here over the prints!!! I want to get a hold of her tailors Razak and Samson and just let them go nuts on ‘fits for me! Balogun Market is on my go to list for my aunt who is on track to visiting Nigeria this year. Go.To!

It was hard to pick favourites but I’ve narrowed it down to these. Kudos to Akintunde Akinyele for the gorgeous pic above that was taken in the Vogue issue.

Which looks are your favs?

This Stella Jean dress and the headwrap are by far my favourites. I love me some Stella and I really love it when Chima wears the headwraps. I think it makes her look so regal.


I love this fabric and the way it sits so unfussingly (is that a word?) Plus, the background just gives the overall look such an authentic feel. And look at that hair!!WERK O!


So chill. Love, love, LOVE that she wears shorts. The print is divine!


Another print thats just about to make me lose my mind! Chima, why must you slay so o! *faints*


Lawddd she had to go put on a jumpsuit. *faints again*


A short ensemble always wins.  


Stylin’ and slayin’!!!! This pic makes me smile.


I like the sentiment she expresses behind this dress.  An oldie but a goodie. She looks beautiful and comfortable.


A pretty way to end off! You made my month Chima!



  • Love her work. She speaks so eloquently. I am fascinated by her headwraps how does she tie them?

    • Right? I adore them! There must be a how-to vid on YouTube.

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