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Black History Month (Canadian Edition) is here!

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February spells two things: my birthday (woohooo!!) and Black History Month! (Power To The People!)

A number of years ago (when I was trying my hand at being a journalist), a few friends and I put together a documentary on African-Canadian history for a conference. It was a fun project and not having grown up in Canada, I learned so much about the contributions of African Canadians to this society.

So last year, I was soooo excited to learn that Viola Desmond is going to be featuredĀ on the $10 bill! Look at GOD! And prior to that, last summer I contributed my vote for a ferry in Nova Scotia to be named after her!

With Canada celebrating it’s 150th Birthday this year, it’s so important that we celebrate these icons that paved the way for our stories and contributions to be woven into the fabric of this society.

We have so much to be proud of and need to continue learning! I’ve recently been following @ByBlacks on Facebook as they have a daily dose of African Canadian history under the #BlackHistory365.

May we continue to honour them.

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