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Bill Cosby was a tv dad with style

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The Cosby Show

Bill Cosby’s character, Dr Heathcliff Huxtable is known to many as a funny, jazz loving, family man and dedicated OBGYN.  But he’s also known for his eccentric style, namely his sweaters.

I’ve been catching up on my re-runs of The Cosby Show everyday during my breaks at work, so with it being Father’s Day and all, I thought it would be fitting to honour my favourite tv dad’s style.

Ever wonder who was behind those famous sweaters?

Well, he is a Dutch designer named Koos Van Den Akker who was a trailblazer in his own right and did what no one else in fashion was doing at the time.  Koos was introduced to Mr Cosby by chance after he received one of his sweaters as a gift.   Those sweaters were a hit on the show and they became the gift that kept on giving.

Every ugly sweater party is an homage to the 80s and especially the famous Cosby sweaters and we have Koos to thank for that.

Did you fancy Dr Huxtable’s style?

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  • As far as TV Dads are concerned Uncle Phil > Bill Cosby any day of the week including weekends!

    RIP Uncle Phil.

    • I hear you. Uncle Phil was great. But we’re talking style here sir, ahem.

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