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Zara’s mini baby collection

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Zara baby dress Tan

I’ll admit that my shopaholic ways have started to extend into my daughter’s wardrobe.  I can’t go through a mall without picking up something for my her and my wallet is starting to stare at me with a blank look-you have no money fool! 😛

While indulging in my favourite past time (perusing the Zara website) I noticed they have a new kid’s line. Can we say cute?! I’m already starting to miss my kid being 9 months and under. For those of you still enjoying that age range, rush over to Zara and pick up some of these stylish duds.

Side note: A denim dress is a MUST! Just picked one up for my baby from Old Navy 🙂

Zara Baby Dress

Zara Printed DressZara BabyZara babyZara BabyZara Denim BabyBaby Denim Dress Zara2

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