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Zambian Pride

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Zambian Pride

It’s an exciting time to be in Zambia after a successful, peaceful and poised exchange of power from the MMD (Movement for Multi-party Democracy) to the PF (Patriotic Front).  

I could see and hear the passion and patriotism expressed on Facebook statuses, between strangers on the bus (when I visited) and even through phone calls to my mum.  The people were serious about this election and they deserve applause.

Now, I’ve never been politically inclined but this election among others is one that I would’ve really loved to have participated in, but unfortunately, one cannot vote if one resides abroad.  Perhaps our new president can look into this matter.

Personal ambitions aside, if there is ever a hope that things can change and that the people’s voice matters it was and has been proven in Zambia’s elections.

And if all you’re going to associate with Zambia is the kindness of the people, the Victoria Falls, the beautiful animals and the exquisite beauty of the country, then also include the strength of the democratic process.

This amazing article sums up my pride and that of the role my people played to make their voices heard. Bravo!

And here’s an interesting read on Voting Abroad:

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