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The Best of Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2017

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The Spring/Summer ’17 forecast is looking LIT (and the above it pretty much my reaction to these collections).

Delpozo I want every single item from this collection! 

delpozo delpozo1 delpozo2 delpozo3 delpozo4 delpozo5 delpozo6 delpozo7 delpozo8 delpozo9 delpozo10 delpozo11 delpozo12 delpozo13

Marchesa Hello red carpet season!

chesa1 chesa2 chesa3 chesa4 chesa5 chesa6 chesa7 chesa8 chesa9 chesa10 chesa11 chesa12 chesa13 chesa14 chesa15 chesa16

Prabal Gurung Perfectly simple. 

prab1 prab2 prab3 prab4 prab5 prab6 prab7 prab8 prab9 prab10 prab11

Lela Rose. Who is this Lela Rose and why have I never heard of her?

lela lela1 lela2 lela3 lela4 lela5 lela6 lela7 lela8 lela9

Alice + Olivia A+O never disappoints.

alo1 alo2 alo3 alo4 alo5 alo6 alo7 alo8 alo9 alo10 alo11

Kate Spade. This model reminds me so much of Black-ish’s @YaraShahidi and it makes me love this collection even more 

ks1 ks2 ks3 ks4 ks5 ks6 ks7 ks8 ks9

Elie Saab. Another red carpet contender. 

esaab1 esaab2 esaab3 esaab4 esaab5 esaab6 esaab7 esaab8 esaab9 esaab10 esaab11 esaab12 esaab13 esaab14 esaab15

Mara Hoffman. You already know my love for Mara is real.

mar1 mar2 mar3 mar4 mar5 mar6 mar7 mar8

Carolina Herrera. Carolina don’t play. And Kiernan Shipka looks absolutely gorgeous in those black and white pics!! *swoon*

caro1 caro2 caro3 caro4 caro5 caro6 caro7 caro8 caro9 caro10 caro11 caro12 caro13

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