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Kaela Kay’s 2017 Fall Collection encourages us to embrace our royalty

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A few weekends ago I received a VIP(!!) invite to attend Kaela Kay’s fall collection and I could NOT say no.

I have been stanning for and supporting Catherine (the brand’s designer) for close to five years now and I was not going to let her down. So I called my girl and put on my latest Kaela Kay purchase and headed out to Vaughn 🙂

The room was filled with beautiful black women and colourful art that adorned the four walls. The chandeliers glistened as the DJ kept us anxious and upbeat with Afrobeat after Afrobeat like the ones below.

The clothes were beautiful and thoughtfully made. You cannot help but feel like you stand out from the crowd and her designs have that effect. Trust me, I know. She has a knack for combining beautiful prints and fabric to create outfits that can easily go from casual to high end. My favourite thing about her clothes is she adds POCKETS!! Dresses with pockets is a MUST!! I get so giddy when I can find a dress that has this extra accessory.

Catherine is really trying to make me bankrupt though because she went and added a Mommy & Me collection! Blindside! The kids clothes are cute cute cute!!! And so were the little models and their extra large bows 🙂 It reminded me of three summers ago when my kid and I were twinning. Next time I’m volunteering us to participate. You hear me Catherine?! 😉

Ok, scroll down and see for yourselves.

Mommy & Me collection

To view the full collection you check out her site at


  • I love everything! Where did this take place and where is this designer from?

    • Toronto 🙂

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