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The Best of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

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Guys, I’ve been super swamped but I could not let Paris Fashion Week pass by and not to do run down of my favourite designers.

Forget Milan! Paris is where it was at!!

What a bloody difference a year makes.

Last year I threw some necessary shade at Valentino for their lack of diversity and they did not help themselves as they got into some hot water due to accusations of cultural appropriation.

I think Maria Grazia Chiuiri’s departure from Valentino is Dior’s gain.

I am floored that she was given permission to use my Shero, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s amazing essay ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ as the theme for her show.

My heart smiled.

Paris, you showed out again.

Stella jean. Check out the swag that is my Stella. 

stella2 stella3 stella4 stella5 stella6 stella7 stella8 stella9 stella10 stella11 stella12 stella13

Valentino. Ok Valentino, I’m sitting up. 

val1 val2 val3 val4 val5 val6 val7 val8 val9 val10 val11 val12 val13 val14 val15 val16 val17

Vanessa Seward. Who is this Vanessa Seward and where has she been all my life?

vanessa1 vanessa2 vanessa3 vanessa4 vanessa5 vanessa6 vanessa7

Mara Hoffman. Ok, I cheated and threw Mara into this post. But I had to show you this collection!

mara1 mara2 mara3 mara4 mara5 mara6 mara7 mara8

Lanvin. Sexay.

lanvin lanvin1 lanvin2 lanvin3 lanvin4 lanvin5 lanvin6 lanvin7 lanvin8 lanvin9 lanvin10 lanvin11

Dior. Come through Maria! Never have I wanted to wear Dior so much.

diorr1 diorr2 diorr3 diorr4 diorr5 diorr6 diorr7 diorr8 diorr9 diorr10 diorr12 diorr13 diorr14 diorr15








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