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And the award for Best Dressed at the 2019 Oscars is…

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REGINA Motherf**ing KING!!!

Lissenn….take that picture in for a moment. This is a mood for the day, the week, the month, for my entire LIFE, Chile! Whew! ‘Gina don got it!! Good is good indeed!

There were so many feel good moments from last night’s Oscars but let’s talk about the looks guys!

Here’s a round up of my favs.

Whose style were you feelin’?

Kiki Layne. Kiki came to make sure you don’t ever forget her. Love it.

Angela Bassett. Ms. Bassett deserves a standing o for alla dis! #adultgoals

Constance Wu. My girl. Just looking like the dream she is.

Alison Janney. I am really enjoying this look. 

Emilia Clarke. Oscar glam.

Michelle Yeoh. Very, very nice.

Awkwafina. A glam pant suit? Sign me up!

Amy Poehler. Another good pant suit? Yes ma’am!

Jennifer Hudson. Isn’t she lovely?

Tessa Thompson. There’s something about this I’m enjoying. 

Laura Harrier. I love this colour and the story behind the gown-everything is recycled. #consciousfashion

Tina Fey. Simple and pretty. 

Billy Porter. No words. Just drink it all in. 

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