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It’s the 40th year of my parent’s marriage.  When I think about this great milestone it almost brings tears to my eyes mostly because I’m not there to celebrate with them.  I cannot begin to express the admiration and immense love I have for them.  They are the greatest examples of love and respect and best expressions of the vows: for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.

Growing up, I cannot recall my parents ever fighting or arguing.  They had disagreements for sure and I knew to not go to their room when the door was closed.

They’re room was an open door.  I remember my siblings and I would go and sit on their bed and just have chats for no reason.  My brother and I always secretly took baths in my parent’s room. We loved any excuse to be in there.


My parents have been the perfect models of what I hope(d) to have in a relationship.   They were partners when they needed to be.  Case in point: tag teaming in an effort to thwart any tricks if you were trying to pit them against each other.

Me: “Can I go to my friend’s for the weekend?”

Mum: “Go ask your dad”

Dad: “Go ask your mum”

Me: “She said to come and ask you”

Dad: “Sigh…(flips the paper) what did she say again?”

Me: “She said yes”

Me: “Mum, Dad said yes”

Mum: “What?! Daaad!!”

Me: Giggling… 😀


They were silly (and laughed at each other):  My mum told me a story about when they first met and how my dad thought he’d made such an impression on her and she pretended she hadn’t taken any notice.  Dad said the girls at mum’s school were impressed with his immaculate command of the English language.  My mum rolled her eyes. “They used to call him Love”, she told me.


They were cool: When we’d go to Rotary functions they’d dance together and genuinely looked like they were in love and having a good time.   And it was not embarrassing.


They shared the load: When I was at boarding school, they took turns on who came to pick me up, took me shopping and who would come for parent-teacher day.


They travelled together.


They supported their kids.


They supported each other.


And though the road has certainly been rough as aging and illnesses creep in, they have remained my inspiration of lasting love, honour and respect.

Happy 40th mum & dad.  I love you. And thank you.


  • Beautiful..
    Well written. Love them to bits. They’re the greatest..

  • I missed this one! Great piece..

    Happy anniversary to The Chandalalas!

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