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Fashion Do’s and Don’ts by Professor Hans Von Puppet

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Fashion Do's and Don'ts


I am proud to have Professor Hans Von Puppet EXCLUSIVELY cover the Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for

Watch the video and take note ladies, the Professor has spoken…




Hello ladies my name is Professor Hans Von Puppet and I’m here to discuss some Fashion  Do’s and Don’ts.

Now being a professor I  see a lot of students with weird and sometimes just plain nasty fashion faux pas so its only right that I address this as a matter of urgency!



So let’s get started with the Fashion Don’ts.



First off, Panty lines. Ladies, panty lines are a no no – nobody wants to see that! Get Seamless underwear please! This is Mrs Von Puppets number 1 golden rule.

2. Leggings are not pants! They are too thin and see through for you to be wearing them with tops that go only up to your waist. For the love of God please stop this at once.


3. Cover your bits. While I am aware you are not nuns, showing butt cracks and camel toe is just plain nasty. Stop it. At once!


4. Is that a mask or your face? Don’t over do it with the powder, foundation and lipstick. Please, when it comes to makeup: less is more. You’re not auditioning for the Mask 2.



Now for the Fashion Do’s:



1.    Do wear red lipstick because when I’m not wearing my glasses I can still read your lips

2.    Do wear heels because it lets me know you’re approaching and I can log out of Facebook haha

3.    Do let your hair down. You not only look pretty but you’ll be able to free your mind and hopefully pass one of my midterms

4.    Do wear a nice warm winter coat because for some reason they still turn on the AC in the auditorium in January, stupid facilities people.

5.    Do wear a power suit to the next career day because you’ll not only look sophisticated but might snag a possible date.


So these were the Fashion Do’s and Don’ts and if you would like more fashion updates visit



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