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How Janelle Monae slayed Paris Fashion Week

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My most faaayyyyvourite part of Paris Fashion Week was watching my girl Janelle Monae FINISH those paps’ camera rolls.¬†

When she came out the paps were probably acting like this…(I love this commercial, couldnt resist)

Sticking to her signature black and white, Janelle switched things up by adding faux fur, short skirts and utilizing accessories to the fullest. And though people might be applauding her departure from her usual pantsuit ensemble and moving to a ‘feminine’ look with these, it just shows how short-sighted they can be. ¬†Janelle is a freakin’ style icon and has the confidence to carry any outfit.

YAASSSSS Monae show ’em how its done!!! Slay on slayer! We stay bowin’ and salutin’.

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