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Here and Now

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Here and Now

Test: You’re reading this right? Are you really thinking about what I’m going to write or are you thinking about something else? No? You’re thinking what the hell is she talking about? Ok…on to the post then.

I’ve probably talked about having a to-do list in one of my posts and how I’m being rattled by the things I need to get done.  But I think it’s no coincidence that I got two messages from the universe (and by that I mean my daily guide and Oprah’s Life Class-I know there’s probably not a lot of Oprah fans, but hear me out) that I need to slow the heck down.  I need be present (in the present).


I can’t tell you how many times I think I’ve washed my face when I actually haven’t.  My face is under the water and I’m enjoying it, but haven’t actually washed it!  And there are also times, surprise, surprise, that I wash it twice, thinking I didn’t!  This might be a silly example, but it clearly shows what happens when you’re not present.  What will I wear, what route will I take, do I have tokens for the bus, how cold is it outside, I need to call my mum, I need to make salad, I need to wash the dishes, and the list goes on.


I was watching Oprah’s Life Class last week and girl was it some time well spent.  There’s probably no better wake up call than the story of Brenda Slaby.  I’m not a mother but I have this feeling I was heading down that path seeing that my daily routines dictate where my mind’s at and I’m so unfocused sometimes.

I’m guilty of leaving the pan on the stove (and since I have a non-existent sense of smell) only realize when the apartment looks smoky.  I’ve put something in the oven, turned it off, with the intention that it will simmer down and cool off and I’ll eat it later, only to realize it the next day.  What the heck am I really doing that’s that important?  Does this sound familiar?


The thing is that even when my mind is rushing, I’m aware of it, but don’t do anything to snap myself out of it.


But after those two messages about being present, I stopped.  Can you believe that I just stopped to think about what it is I forgot to add to the reminder on my phone? Sad, I know, I’m a work in progress.


Now when I wake up, I try to ignore my routine I do what my mind (and body) tells me in the now.


Are you living in the present or the future?

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  • Oprah’s Life Class does bring to light some things that we do overlook. That woman just tore my heart, I still cannot get over her! How important it it to be present…I hope you are making remarkable progress seeing as you are W.I.P!

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