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Do you see me? The Invisibility of our Black Boys

August 14, 2014


Do you see me?

Do you see my beautiful brown eyes as I stare in wonder at what the earth has for me.

My mama says I have the most beautiful brown eyes she’s ever seen.

She’s been waiting a long time for me.

I’m her lucky number 1. Number 2. Number 3.

I’m her baby.


Remembering Dad

May 15, 2014

dad My trip home last summer was the hardest one I’ve ever made.   Loliwe was playing in the car on that tough car ride home from the airport.


Today was a good day: learning about inclusiveness at Variety Village

March 14, 2014


I attended a workshop last Friday entitled: Introduction to Accessibility.  I was initially ambivalent about the topic but by the end of the day I was left feeling inspired and even a little teary.


Empathy: What the world needs (more of) and what I hope my daughter has.

February 12, 2014


You’re probably thinking the Beatles already told us what the world needs (now, is love sweet love) and I agree… but just hear me out on this one.


The truth about immigrating: citizen AND stranger

February 06, 2014


There’s a push and pull when you decide to move abroad.


May I have a word please? Helga on inspiration

October 06, 2013


written by a guest blogger

Having been afforded the opportunity to be the first Guest Blogger on chandalalaland I thought it best to start by introducing myself.

My name is Helga Geerhart and I have known Chanda for 3 years.  I am a part time accountant and store assistant and a full time mum.

I love period dramas, have a knack for Dimsum and I’m a Chelsea fan.

My passions include music and literature and I’m generally a happy go-lucky person (most dates).

To kick things off I have decided to write about something I have been dealing with lately, that is,  where to find my inspiration.

So who is your inspiration?

My ten year old son took part in a school book project a year ago where the children were asked to identify and write about who or what inspired them.


Rape is NOT funny

September 30, 2013


The dust has settled over the university campuses in Halifax and British Columbia but the rage within me still pulsates.


Losing a friend

April 04, 2013

I’ve dealt with death many times in my life.  I’ve written post about it before.  From a very young age I’ve had close friends and family members pass and I guess I’ve been able to somehow deal with it and move on.  Till now.